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Wie wil geïnterviewd worden voor het onderzoek van Albertine Baauw, de kinderarts die 24 maart tijdens de AJN-dag sprak? Zij wil onderzoeken of het screenen van alle vluchtelingkinderen die net in Nederland zijn zinvol is. 

Albertine zoekt 10 jeugdartsen (en 10 kinderartsen) die ervaring hebben met het werken met vluchtelingkinderen (PGA en nieuwkomers):

Alle informatie
Bridget Slattery and Shalista Rosiek are masters of health science students at the VU University Amsterdam specializing in international health. As part of their masters program they are working with Joana Kist van Holthe and Albertine Baauw on their research into medical screening and healthcare access for refugee children in the Netherlands. 

Part of this research involves conducting 15-20 qualitative interviews with doctors that have experience working with refugee children. These interviews will focus on the doctor’s perceptions about the effectiveness of the initial health screening for refugee children as well as the challenges they face when providing care to refugee children. 

The interviews will be conducted in English and each interview should take between 30 and 45 minutes. They will be conducted in person or via video conference (skype, facetime, etc.). Participation is completely voluntary and all respondents will remain anonymous.

The results of the interviews will be used in the Master’s theses of the students and has the potential to be included in published scientific articles. 

Interesse? Neem dan contact op met Albertine Baauw: albertine.baauw@icloud.com